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Kingfisher, Haslar Lake

Kingfisher, Haslar Lake


Hello, and welcome. I hope that you enjoy my photo diary. You can find out more about my photography on my About page. Please feel free to leave a comment, or contact me if you would like to know more.

Many of these photos are taken on my daily walking route around the footpaths and waterways of Gosport. For those wishing to relate place names to location, please click the map >>>.

You can see (and purchase!) larger versions of many of these photos on my SmugMug gallery site:; or see my older work on my Images from Nature site. 

My Morning Walk
My Morning Walk(approx. 5 miles)

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December, 2011

By , December 21, 2011 6:37 pm

Just a few more butterflies and moths to keep the camera  from siezing up!

July 1st

By , July 1, 2011 9:57 pm

No posts for ages – mainly because I haven’t been able to take any photos. It seems that lugging my heavy camera about has aggravated my bad back, and for a while I could hardly stand, let alone take pictures!

So … for a while at least, I have returned to photographing butterflies using my considerably lighter macro lens!

These are “studio” shots of butterflies supplied by a friend who breeds them. I make no claim to natural accuracy (it is highly unlikely that a Purple Emperor butterfly would land on a poppy, for example, as it spends most if its time in the tree tops) – rather I am looking for images that are pleasing pictorially.

I think I have achieved it with at least a few of them … however, we will have to wait to see if next season’s camera club competition judges agree!

April 28

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March – various

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Several nice sunny mornings … the Morning Chorus is picking up nicely, and the small birds are appearing once again.

Nothing much on the water, except for a couple of Little Egrets taking advantage of the draining of The Moat (a periodic cleaning process). One in particular was on the sluice gate wall between The Moat and Haslar Marina several days running, and seemed wquite hapopy for people to pass close by. I took several photos from different angles over a couple of days.

Sunday, March 6

By , March 6, 2011 10:49 am

It was supposed to be sunny today – a rare occurrence of late – but no such luck. The grey cloud remains and the birds are still few and far between. Those that I saw were staying deep in the trees and most of my small bird shots have intrusive branches …  I have included a  few below just as a record of what was about. Nothing much on the water either – a couple of Curlews flew off before I got anywhere near, and the only Redshanks were way out at the low tide line. A couple of juvenile Herring Gulls flew off aw I approached the Haslar Lake edge near the Asda store, I always find their feathers attractive before the pure white shines through.

Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 February

By , March 3, 2011 1:44 pm

Few small birds, several Little Egrets, the usual geese, Redshanks, Curlews, nothing much else. The cold weather has returned and we seem to be in a lull before the spring really picks up.

Internet connection running very slow again, it takes forever to upload the full-size photo files to my SmugMug gallery. The larges files have been timing out, but so far I have been able to upload them on the second try.

I thought computers were supposed to run faster when cold!

Friday, February 25

By , February 25, 2011 6:38 pm

Getting fed up with the grey mornings! Today was no different. but there have been more small birds about lately so I decided to take the camera anyway.

I managed to get several reasonable shots with the aid of the flash (I would not have gotten any small bird pics without it!), including a nice juvenile Greenfinch – which at first I thought was a new species! Also saw several Robins and Blue Tits, a couple of Dunnocks (no good pics though) and a few other species still hiding behind the branches.

On and around the water, a cormorant on Stoke Lake showing patches of white. There are several of these white-feather cormorants around Gosport, I wonder if in-breeding among the small local population is causing this. Plenty of gulls and geese, a few Redshanks scattered around the waterline, and a solitary Little Egret near the ASDA store by Haslar Lake.

Wednesday, February 16

By , February 16, 2011 3:21 pm

Bright, sunny morning, still chilly (hat needed, gloves optional). Tide getting high, so less uncovered mud and therefore fewer water birds.

Not as many small birds as there were on Monday, but there were several House Sparrows and a nice Robin in full song, in the trees beside the footpath. Further on, in Clayhall Lane, I managed one shot of what I at first thought was a juvenile Goldfinch, but from the photo it looks more like a young Greenfinch.

Another Great Black-backed Gull on Stoke Lake, this one still in its brown-and-white flecked juvenile plumage, which I think is more photogenic than the black-and-white adult. Quite a few Brent Geese and Black-headed Gulls on Workhouse Lake. Nothing much from there around to the far end of Haslar Lake, where a Curlew near Haslar Bridge took off before I got close. I seem to have an endless series of Curlew-in-flight photos, every time I see it it flies around me to land behind me to land on the Walpole Park shore.

Monday, February 14

By , February 14, 2011 2:39 pm

Nice and sunny this morning – with all the cloud and rain lately, you have to make the most of it when the sun does shine.

More small birds about now, the morning chorus is picking up nicely. My day started well, with some Goldfinches which stayed put despite the flash (I tried some shots without it, but they were just silhouettes against the dawn sky). Several House Sparrows, Great Tits, Blue Tits and Dunnocks also in evidence, although most were around the backs of the bushes. Hopefully they will be less shy as the nesting/feeding season gets under way. No Robins today, which was surprising, but I did see my favourites as I neared Stoke Lake – some Long-tailed Tits in a tree some way back from the path. I was able to get a few shots, not very good but hopefully I will have a chance at some better ones as the season progresses.

There was a nice Great Black-backed Gull on Stoke Lake, I think this is a returning visitor as I do see one there from time to time. Nothing much else on the water apart from the Brent Geese, which must be getting ready to depart back to their summer nesting grounds. A lone Oystercatcher at Seafield and a Redshank further round Haslar Lake, and finally, a nice Little Egret. This was in the small channel by the Cockle Pond outlet into Haslar Lake; it ignored me and allowed me to get a few close shots to finish the morning nicely.

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