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Links to some useful, interesting and informative websites

I collect links! While surfing the web or lurking in various forums I often come across links to websites that I consider worth remembering. Here are just a few from my Favourites collection, mostly photography related, and loosely grouped under the following headings:

To borrow a caveat from the BBCi website:
Images from Nature is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

Photography News, Reviews, Forums
Digital Photography Review
Photography news, product reviews and forums. Many of the links below were suggested by DPR forum members.
Rob Galbraith
Professional digital photography forums.
Luminous Landscape
News, reviews and forums devoted to the art of landscape, nature and documentary photography.
Fred Miranda
Professional Forums, reviews, Photoshop Actions.
Canonians Providing Canon digital photographers with a general and as acurate as possible info about new equipment , softwares and everything related to their passion .
Digital Outback Photo An independent "magazine" website magazine fully dedicated to outdoor photography using professional digital cameras.
Nature Photographers Online magazine The official website of the Nature Photographers Network

Photo Galleries
One of the largest photo gallery websites.
Charlie Waite Charlie Waite is widely regarded as the doyen of English landscape photographers. His style combines graphic finesse with an almost spiritual quality of calm and serenity.
Dan Heller Photography This site contains over 12,000 of Dan's photographs from around the world.
Francis Toussaint Photography The vast PBase collection of on-line galleries must hide a wealth of photographic talent. This gallery was one recommended in a DPReview forum.
NHPA Limited Wildlife and nature images Wildlife and nature images. The specialist online source for images of wildlife and nature, representing the world's leading photographers in this field, including Stephen Dalton and Andy Rouse.
Pete Turner Photography Derivative photography at its best.
Steve Bloom Photography A wildlife stock agency and a fine-print gallery.
Terra Galleria Photography On-line galleries of travel, adventure, and nature photography by Quang-Tuan Luong, contains more than 6000 pictures from around the world
Daniella Zylen Beautiful natural and infra-red landscapes.
Bob Whiteman Stunning landscape photographs
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Beautiful and interesting astronomical photographs and an extensive astrophoto archive.
My galleries on PBase.

Tips & Techniques
Paul Chesterfield
My first ever website contains a technical section describing my macro methods.
CCD Cleaning
Dust on the sensor seems to be the bane of digital SLRs. Here is one cleaning method that works for me. (I use an old credit card cut to fit the large 1Ds' CMOS sensor.)
Out of Gamut
(Almost) Everything You Wanted to Know about Sharpening in Photoshop but Were Afraid to Ask.
Computer Darkroom
Instructive feature articles, tutorials, reviews and technical discussions relating to digital image processing.
EOS Flash Understand some of the mysteries of flash photography with Canon EOS camera equipment.
Histograms Every digital camera user needs to understand the exposure tools their camera provides. One of those is the histogram.
Macro Photography Primer "How to take close-up pictures of small things".
Garage Glamour photographer tip pages for the budding glamour photographer.
Russell Brown's Photoshop Tips & Techniques Photoshop Tips & Techniques.


Everything you wanted to know about choosing and using a digital camera.
Selling Your Photographs at Art Shows Selling Your Photographs at Art Shows.
Correcting Distortion and Color Fringing If you use a wide angle lens you may need this tutorial.
Understanding Sharpening Sharpening digital camera photos is one of the most important steps in the digital workflow, and one of the least understood.
Unsharp Mask Quick Tips - Adobe PhotoShop Take the haze out of a picture using an ultra-high radius, low amount of Unsharp Mask. Use an ultra-low radius, ultra-high amount of Unsharp Mask.

Camera Equipment
Canon EOS System
Canon EOS System. Only the best. (Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion... :-)
Kirk Enterprises
Quick-release plates, ball-heads and related items using the Arca-Swiss system.
Really Right Stuff
Quick-release plates and related items using the Arca-Swiss system.
Lowepro Some of the best soft padded camera bags out there. I seem to be building up a collection!
Op/Tech USA Comfortable, secure, removable camera straps, ideal for heavy cameras and lenses.

Legal Issues
Licensing, and The Value of Copyright.
Photo District News online
Registering your photographic copyright.
Photographing Children This site is aimed at naturists, but contains some useful legal pointers for anyone wishing to photograph children while staying within the law.

Miscellaneous: non-photo sites
The Butterfly Boutique A website that I share with some very good friends...
Everything you need to know about search engines.
Babelfish Translator
Useful language translator from Alta-Vista.
Acronym Finder
Not sure about those TLAs?* - find out here.
(*Three-Letter Acronyms"!)