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Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly
Danaus plexippus

The Monarch butterfly is one of the most popular species in the US, where it is bred commercially for release at weddings and similar events. In fact it is one of only nine species that can be bred and transported across (some) US state lines for release. It is not native to the UK, but an occasional migrant does arrive on our shores after being blown across the Atlantic Ocean.

The Monarch's colours are a warning to predators that these butterflies are poisonous. Monarch caterpillars feed on Milkweed, which contains toxins that they store and pass on to the adult.

Interresting fact: The Queen butterfly is not poisonous, but it mimics the Monarch's colours from which it also derives some protection.

Canon AE1, 50 mm macro, Vivitar 255 flashgun.