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Butterflies & Moths
1990s (Farm)Butterfly Galleries
1999: "Studio" Photography

In the late 1990's a friend and experienced butterfly breeder introduced me to the possibilities of raising butterflies and moths myself . This enabled me to have access to pristine, newly-emerged insects to photograph.

I started to experiment with table-top photography of butterflies and moths to see if I could improve on the often indifferent results that I was achieving "in the wild". I usually refer to this as my "studio". This may sound rather grandiose, but there are similarities with a professional studio in that I have a reasonable degree of control over the photographic environment. The techniques that I developed are described elsewhere, but I think the results speak for themselves.

For my first serious foray into studio nature photography I concentrated on moths. This was in part because they tend to be far easier to photograph than butterflies (most are night-fliers and will sit still during the day!) but also because I have always felt moths to be underrated as subjects. They are not all "small brown annoyances" as someone once described them; many are large, colourful and very attractive.

AZzalea Hawk-moth Bedstraw Hawk-moth Convulvulus Hawk-moth Death's-Head Hawk-moth Death's-Head Hawk-moth caterpillar Death's-Head Hawk-moth caterpillar Elephant Hawk-moth Emperor Moth Emperor Moth Emperor Moth caterpillar Emperor Moth caterpillar Hummingbird sphinx moth Lime Hawk-moth Lime Hawk-moth Lime Hawk-moth caterpillar Lime Hawk-moths Oak Eggar moth Oleander Hawk-moth Poplar Hawk-moth caterpillar Poplar Hawk-moth Privet Hawk-moth caterpillar Privet Hawk-moth Privet Hawk-moth Silver-striped Hawk-moth Spurge Hawk-moth Spurge Hawk-moth Striped Hawk-moth Striped Hawk-moth caterpillar Striped Hawk-moth caterpillar Striped Hawk-moth Pale Tussock moth caterpillar Pale Tussock moth caterpillar Smerinthus planus moth caterpillar

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