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Lone Sailor

Lone Sailor

Shortly after I moved away from home to start my working life, my father retired from his and my parents moved to a small village on the Sussex coast (and yes, they did tell me where they were going). This gave me a whole new set of subjects to photograph, from the sand and seaweed close-ups shown in my other galleries to broad sea and skyscapes. This is not a "big surf" beach by any means, but there is an active sailing/sailboarding community based here.

On this late autumn evening there was just one sailboarder out, on a dead calm sea under this amazing sky. The open expanse of sea and sky, with the "lone sailor" in the distance, still evokes a melancholy feeling in me.

This photograph was taken with a Canon T90 and a Canon 35 mm zoom lens. The film stock was Ilford FP4, 125 ASA. A polarizing filter was used to enhance the clouds, aided by some judicious darkroom "burning".