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Butterflies & Moths
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2002: Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory

2002 was a bad year for me phtographically, as events elsewhere in my life took precedence and I was finding it difficult to retain my enthusiasm for my hobby.

This small gallery represents the only butterfly photographs that I took in 2002, during a visit to Niagara Falls in early November to attend my first International Butterfly Breeders Association annual convention.

Postman Tiger Longwing Zebra Longwing (not identified) Caroni Flambeau

An escorted trip to the Conservatory was included as part of the convention, but we arrived late on a cloudy day when lighting was poor. Unfortunately I only had a small flashgun with me and I did not get any pictures worth keeping. I returned on a sunny after the convention for a more leisurely visit, and was finally able to get some reasonable shots. All of these photographs were taken using natural light, with my camera resting on a monopod for support.

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